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You Can’t Flip Your Mattress

Great article on how the bedding industry doubled the price of a mattress by not making the second side usable. They say it’s about new “spring” technology, but it isn’t. ” The buyers felt that there was no competition, and raised the prices, making mattresses that the middle-income  level people could no longer afford.  They made… Read More »

Reverse Engineer Search Engines to ID Health Needs

Microsoft recently reported that by analyzing Bing search engine queries they could spot early detections of people potentially suffering pancreatic cancer. The study looked at diagnosed patients and tracked their search history backward to see if their online searches could trigger flags in the key symptoms leading to their diagnosis So, how can queries  be “reverse-engineered” to get… Read More »

Stanley Kubrick

Check out the article and interview bu Jon Ronson with Stanley Kubrick’s wife — worth the time “Christiane Kubrick had 42 wonderful years with her husband. But in the decade since his death, she has been beset by tragedy. For the first time, she talks about losing one daughter to cancer, another to Scientology –… Read More »

Bezos Transforms the Washington Post

A Progress Report on Jeff Bezos Transforming the Washington Post If you don’t like change, don’t work at the Washington Post. But if you are a consumer of digital news, you can expect some interesting and perhaps delightful innovations. And if you are in the news business, you already know that the old kid on… Read More »