Stanley Kubrick

Check out the article and interview bu Jon Ronson with Stanley Kubrick’s wife — worth the time “Christiane Kubrick had 42 wonderful years with her husband. But in the decade since his death, she has been beset by tragedy. For the first time, she talks about losing one daughter to cancer, another to Scientology –… Read More »

Oregon Suffrage and Temperance, 1920

Mattie Cone Sleeth — Biographical Essay Mattie Cone Sleeth was a significant force for change in Oregon during the early decades of the twentieth century. A devoted minister’s wife, she arrived in Portland with her family in 1903 and established herself as a leader of the Oregon Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). She was an ardent… Read More »

When Science Puts A Baby in the White House

When Science Puts A Baby in the White House We should get busy preparing for the next generation of birther arguments which will be based on science, rather than 19th-century territories. Expect it in the next two decades, or before, and there will be some, but not much to use as legal precedent based on our experience.… Read More »

Bezos Transforms the Washington Post

A Progress Report on Jeff Bezos Transforming the Washington Post If you don’t like change, don’t work at the Washington Post. But if you are a consumer of digital news, you can expect some interesting and perhaps delightful innovations. And if you are in the news business, you already know that the old kid on… Read More »